Application of stainless steel pipe concrete structure
Sep 28, 2018

Although stainless steel has superior performance, the main factor that restricts its widespread use in structural engineering is its high cost. If the stainless steel pipe is filled with concrete to form a stainless steel pipe concrete structure, the amount of stainless steel can be greatly reduced, thereby achieving the purpose of reducing the construction cost. At present, ordinary steel tube concrete has been widely used in structural engineering. It combines the advantages of both steel and concrete materials, not only has high bearing capacity, but also has the advantages of convenient construction and economical use. The new stainless steel pipe concrete structure is expected to have good mechanical properties of ordinary steel tube concrete and superior durability of stainless steel. It has beautiful appearance, good durability, low maintenance cost, high bearing capacity, good seismic performance, good fire resistance and relatively economical. Etc. Therefore, this new type of composite structure has a good application prospect in offshore platforms, seaside buildings and bridges, as well as some important buildings with high durability requirements.

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