Is it good stainless steel without magnetic?
Mar 04, 2019

Is it good stainless steel without magnetic?

Many customers go to the market to buy stainless steel, and they bring a small magnet. When you look at the goods, you can suck it. It is good stainless steel. Without rust, it will not rust. In fact, this is a wrong understanding.

     The stainless steel belt is not determined by the structure of the magnetic structure. During the solidification process, the molten steel will form stainless steel with different structural structures such as “ferrite”, “austenite” and “martensitic” due to different solidification temperatures. Ferritic "martensitic" stainless steel is magnetic. The "austenitic" stainless steel has better mechanical properties and processability, but only the "ferritic" stainless steel with magnetic properties is stronger than the "austenitic" stainless steel.

     The so-called 200 series and 300 series stainless steels with high manganese content and low nickel content in the market are not magnetic, but their performance is very different from that of high nickel containing 304. On the contrary, 304 is stretched, annealed, polished, cast, etc. The process will also be micro-magnetic, so it is unreasonable to judge the quality of stainless steel with stainless steel without magnetic. It is also unscientific.


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