Selection of colored stainless steel
Sep 28, 2018

A: Stainless steel is an environmentally friendly decoration material, does not contain organic substances such as methanol, no radiation, safe and fireproof;

Second: on the basis of stainless steel, nowadays there are colorful stainless steel, stainless steel etching board skills, stainless steel fine grinding mirror surface, sand surface, drawing and other processing techniques, making stainless steel more brilliant and radiant; after etching skills, can be characterized in stainless steel A variety of graphics, text, and a sense of three-dimensional, concave and convex, bid farewell to the traditional stainless steel monotonous color and picture defects;

Three: The colorful stainless steel is chemically reacted on the surface of the stainless steel, so that an outer layer of oxide is formed on the surface of the stainless steel. The stainless steel and the oxide layer are integrated, and the color of the plated color is colorless and does not fade;

Four: Colorful stainless steel has the luster and hardness of metal, easy to clean, not easy to damage, scratch; can well compensate for acid and alkali corrosion, not easy to rust; colorful stainless steel has so many advantages above, making colorful stainless steel widely used In the large-scale construction and renovation, hotel and building business decoration, public facilities, new home decoration and other places of decoration, in the future stainless steel will be more widely used in all aspects of social life.

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