Summer stainless steel flagpole maintenance focus
Sep 28, 2018

1. Because of the long-term use of steel wire ropes, wear may occur. Especially after the cold winter, under the influence of metal brittleness, the steel wire rope may break. In summer, the wire rope should be tested to resist the influence of high wind.

2, electric and bearing parts for lubrication, although the flagpole itself is made of stainless steel, there will be no rust, but other accessories, such as bearings, wire rope guide blocks, guide rods, gears due to material problems, may affect the normal lifting of the flag Because of the heavy rain in summer, the possibility of rusting in these parts increases, and maintenance inspection should be strengthened.

3, more thunderstorms in summer, pay attention to lightning protection measures, specific reference can be read: [flag pole lightning protection design specifications].

4. For the inspection of the flagpole base, the foundation may become soft due to the rainy conditions, which may cause the flagpole to fall under the influence of strong winds.

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