Will the stainless steel flagpole fall off?
Sep 28, 2018

The stainless steel flagpole is a flagpole made of stainless steel. Generally speaking, it is no longer necessary to paint. In theory, there will be no paint falling, but sometimes it is necessary to apply a layer of paint according to the customer's requirements. Some sharp objects will often be placed on the railing. The paint is scratched, and after a long period of wind and rain, there will be rust on the surface, then we need to paint it at this time.

First of all, we should prepare to repair the tools used: sandpaper, brush, spray paint or bucket paint. When choosing paint, we should try to choose anti-rust paint or polyester top coat, and also should ensure the number of times the stainless steel flagpole is painted. In more than two times, it is necessary to polish the rust spots in the rust position with sandpaper. The zinc steel will expose the polished surface of the railing. When using the paint for the first time, it should be evenly painted. For the second time, the polyurethane type top coat should be used for the second time. When painting, the surface should be as smooth as possible.

If the aging condition of stainless steel flagpoles is serious, you should try to replace them with new ones. In order to avoid the phenomenon of rust and paint falling, you should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of stainless steel flagpoles, so that the railings have a better effect. Extend the life of the railing.

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