Correction Of Stainless Steel Flagpole After Installation
Sep 28, 2018

After the installation of the stainless steel flagpole, multiple flagpole corrections are required, and the flagpole is guaranteed to be used normally. Generally, it needs to be verified from five aspects:

1. Check that the flagpole is perpendicular to the horizontal plane.

2. The rope rack is arranged in the specified direction.

3. Fill the flange between the flange and the bottom plate with the spacer after the adjustment.

4. After checking the above requirements, weld the flange to the bottom plate.

5. Pouring concrete, first pouring the pouring hole and then pouring it to the level ground.

Only the calibrated stainless steel flagpole can be officially put into use, and it cannot be used for other reasons before the acceptance calibration is performed to avoid danger.

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