Stainless Steel Hot Rolled Sheet Production Process
Sep 28, 2018

Stainless steel hot-rolled sheets, ie hot-rolled steel sheets and steel strips, commonly known as hot plates, are usually also written as zigzags, such as hot-rolled plates, but all refer to the same type of hot-rolled sheet, which refers to a width greater than or equal to 600 mm, thickness It is a steel plate of 0.35-200 mm and a steel strip of 1.2-25 mm thickness.

Production Process

The hot-dip galvanizing hot-rolled plate unit adopts a modified Sendzimir annealing process, and the raw material is hot-rolled pickled coil. The production process is as follows:

Hot-rolled pickling coils → unwinding → cutting heads and tails → welding → into the sleeves → modified Sendzimir horizontal annealing furnace → hot-dip galvanizing → post-plating cooling → zinc layer thickness gauge → smoothing and correction → passivation Processing → inspection table → electrostatic oiling → coiling → weighing and packing → finished product storage.

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